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About Beaver's Pots

I sell an eclectic mix of fabulous gifts which appeal to all sorts!  Every item I sell, I love and I don’t sell anything that I wouldn't have in my own home. From metalwork handmade in England to beautiful painted Alphabet paintbrush pots handmade in London - all great design and made well. When I find something I love I find a way to sell it myself  You can find me at various fairs, generally within an hour’s drive of my home in Pangbourne in Berkshire. 

Beaver’s Pots was born in 2007 when I started selling the many jams and chutneys I make at home from the fruit and veg I pick from my garden. I fell in love with the Kew Botanical Gardens brightly coloured pots and bowls so started selling those.  I rapidly realised people wanted something planted in them too, that’s when I started buying and planting orchids for clients.  10 years on and my main business is still planting orchids for my customers.  When they've finished flowering clients contact me to replant their bowl with fresh orchids, thus always having a beautiful display in their favourite pot - over 10-12 weeks it’s cheaper than a bunch of flowers and a lot less maintenance!  Originally from a gardening background and loving old things I began trawling antique markets and fairs and picking up old garden related items.  I now have a wonderful mix of old and new for the garden including huge handmade Armillary’s, which tell the time beautifully, on stone pillar’s.

I sell a diverse group of products which I love - so, strangely, if you see me at a fair you’ll find brightly coloured Lamy pens from Germany next to chic beautifully designed mirrored trays with table stands from Belgium.

You can’t buy directly from my website, it’s more of a shop window as I prefer to 'meet, greet and feel' my clients not wrap items in bubble wrap and send them first class to people I’ve never met!

I look forward to hearing from you.



If you wish to order any of my designs please contact me either via phone or by email.

07740 708585